Gold Glitter!!

You know those Saturdays where you are rounding around the whole day? Man, I had my nephew’s birthday party, my cousin’s reveal party, and I was invited to a dinner party for the evening! That’s a lot in one day to be changing outfits for each event. So, I chose an outfit today that would work for all 3 events. I chose a nice pair of jeans that has cute glitter detail. I used a nude colored bodysuit, and faux suede nude boots. The boots are actual ankle booties and the heel isn’t that high for me (if you haven’t noticed I’m not too fond of high heels, lol). I had to pick some shoes that would be comfortable to keep on all day. I don’t know why but I’m a person that gets cold everywhere, I hate it! I added a half faux leather jacket, that was actually designed by my mother. Maybe I’ll bring some of her peices together in another blog!

Jeans,Faux Seude BootiesBlack Purse


For me I love a pair of jeans that fits my slim (I don’t like to use the word skinny) body oh so cute. You can’t even tell I have a short torso. But surprisingly these jeans don’t make me look super slim. They fit nice where I don’t need a belt, and are not too tight where they become uncomfortable throughout the day.


I’m going to be blogging mainly about personal style that I created for myself. It’s not for anyone to say “oh I’ve seen that before or where does she think she’s going with that fit?”. I wear these clothes and these styles because they make me feel confident and cute of course!! I think each woman should choose an outfit they feel comfortable in and an outfit that can also make them feel powerful. When you leave the house I want you to say, ” yes today is going to be a wonderful day!!” And not just because of what you’re wearing, but how you feel about yourself personally!” Fashion is just a bonus to add for your self esteem!! So next time you have a busy Saturday coming up, think of Glitter!!!

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