What’s Munee without Mustard?!

I don’t know about you, but the dress code at work is business casual. My all time fav piece, a cardigan! I love them!! This mustard colored cardigan is perfect to wear to work. The color is perfect to transition from fall to spring. At this point in April, it’s starting to warm up but there are still days that will be a little bit cooler, especially with this Cleveland weather. So this cardigan is perfect for that type of day. You can pair the cardigan with a nice pair of pants, a dress, or even a midriff skirt. I paired this cardigan with a black jumpsuit. This one-piece is perfect for business attire. This particular one has a criss cross back out design.

Jumpsuit,Cardigan,Black Booties


This cardigan hides the skin exposure when you are in a business setting at work. A set of vintage pair of pearls tops off the entire look. The faux suede booties are perfect for work! The wedge isn’t too high, where your feet will start to hurt after lunch. Perfect outfit you can wear to work, and then later out on the town watching the playoffs. (Let’s go Cavs!!) Each style I come up with boosts my confidence on a daily basis. I’m used to wearing all black. It’s funny if you look in my closet, the biggest section in there is black, smh. Hopefully, the next time you’re thinking of something to wear to work, or to a Cavs watch party, go with Mustard!

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