Colossal Culottes

Let me just start off by saying, I absolutely love these culottes! I originally thought they were going to be too long, even for my long legs but they turned out really nice. On this beautiful Sunday, I didn’t need a ton of layers for this look. This long sleeve, turtle neck paired nicely with these wide-legged pants. These pants don’t show off my slim legs, lol (which is a plus) but I had to capture different angles just so you can see how amazing they are.

Culottes, Strappy Sandals, Clutch


On this beautiful day, I am attending a brunch, actually a fashion networking brunch. This is great, I should be able to get my feet wet in this industry. I am really only starting with the experience I myself have with fashion. Hopefully these pants well make a nice statement, and allow women to really feel they can trust my style. I want to say this again, “this is a beautiful day!” And with that being said I am showing my toes. This is a day where you can pull of an open toe sandal. The detailing on this sandal is great, but if you’re not big on high heels and platforms, a shorter heel will suffice as well. I paired these pants with these sandals, because I know my pants won’t be touching the ground. And even with my sandal showing, you can still appreciate the detail of the pants. Oh, and by the way I will be twirling all day, lol. These pants are best for that.

Now the sandal has a lot of earth tone colors in it, and of course the faux wooden platform. So it was easy for me to pair this olive top with the pants. A little color that won’t distract you from the pants, something solid, and for some reason this is becoming one of my favorite colors. Also the top does have a turtleneck type style, its not a full turtleneck, but you get the picture. And of course to top off the detail this cute clutch. You will realize, my style is a little different, and I will try to bring you styles that may not be repeated, but also styles that you can replicate yourself. I’ll post a shopping guide in a week or so, to show you how and where I shop for these styles.


These pants can be worn to events like weddings, networking events, fashion shows, or even a family event like a party. Wearing these pants will definitely let people know that you’re trying to make a statement, and stand out. With this look, it immediately puts a smile one my face, boosting my confidence with stride I take. Find you a piece in your closet that you can make a statement with. It doesn’t necessarily have to stand out, they can be as plain as you want them. But the object is to make a statement, so if it is a bomb blazer you have, a striking dress, or even a pair of pants like these you’ll be sure to overcome anything that is thrown at you!

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