Take a Walk in the “Lime” light

So today is a beautiful day to wear this one piece jumpsuit. It’s so easy to just throw this outfit on. It’s a chill day for me. Get a little shopping done and run a few errands. The sun is beating down, but hey I’m not complaining, I love the sun! The first part of my day is a walk in the park. A little exercise is wonderful to start your day off. Get some blood flowing and it helps you stay energized throughout the day.

Jumpsuit, Lime Green Vans, Black and Silver Spiked Choker



Now lately I haven’t been into sneakers as much as I used to be. I’m not that type of girl anymore. But today, I’ve decided to go with these Vans. And yes they’re LIME GREEN! Now most people would say they’re too bright, but if you don’t me know by now I’m different. I like to stand out, and I have my own personal style. It’s like… you like or you don’t. So today, lime green it is. These hightop Vans are perfect for this all black jumpsuit. This jumpsuit has a sporty look to it. It also shows off a little skin. There are two slits above the knee. Maybe they’re supposed to be right at the knee, but I like that they’re above my knee. Maybe, because my legs are little long, but if you have short legs, I’m pretty sure it will still look nice. This one piece jumpsuit, also has a hood. WOOT WOOT!!! (sorry I’m silly) But I like hoods, even though it is covering my hair, it adds depth to this look so you can rock the hood or not, thats up to you! This hood definitely gives the sporty look, I was going for. I paired a black and silver choker with it. I guess they’re bringing these back in style. Please let me know what you think about it though, because I’m always a little iffy when it comes to jewelry. I tied a denim top around my waist, just in case I don’t get cold on this little walk in the park.


And actually it adds a little statement, saying” I’m sporty, but cute at the same time…”. But again please let me know what you think. Would you wear this? Maybe to work out in? Maybe on a day to run errands? I like feedback so please let me know. Love it, or Hate it!! It’s Munee, and that’s all that really matters!

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