Simple Midnight Blue…

I feel like it’s been forever since my last post!!! I can’t wait to show you my new outfit!! It’s actually simple but cute.  It’s a subtle midnight blue, but not at all dull looking, with a single white stripe down the side. I found this jumpsuit on Fashion Nova. I like their clothes because they don’t feel cheap and they fit you great!! I got this in a small. This jumpsuit came in handy today!! The weather is pretty decent to bring out this open back jumpsuit. They call it the “Hot Tottie Jumpsuit”. So you know you think I’m hot today, lol. I mean this jumpsuit fits me great where I don’t feel like my boob will pop out or anything, which is good! Of course I decided not to wear a bra, because of the cut out in the back. There’s a strap that ties which makes me feel a little secure in the back. I paired this jumpsuit with these black sandals that has a low chunky heel. The black contrasts with the blue, which is perfect for my style. I actually got these heeled sandals from Just Fab. Great find in my opinion, if you haven’t tried their shoes go try them like right now! (Well finish reading first of course.)

Midnight Blue “Hot Tottie” Jumpsuit, “Yenny” Black Sandal



I wanted this outfit to really show how confident I have become. See the key, is to find that confidence and remain confident not only with fashion but with everyday life and goals you set for yourself. Feeling confident with yourself takes you through so many stages in life and keeps you wanting more and more of it. You might think well I can’t wear that showing all that skin, or yea she’s small she can wear clothes like that. But if you don’t feel secure just yet to just wear this jumpsuit by itself, add a blazer, which is one of my favorite go tos. If you do decide to add another layer, a blazer would be perfect for a business style or it can even be a casual style depending on the style of blazer you wear with it. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to show off that gorgeous body you have!!


There was a time when I didn’t want to show my body either, but the lesson I learned was being confident and maintaining that confidence. I want to show you how you can achieve confidence with fashion. I know personally how it feels when you don’t feel confident with what you’re wearing and not only that, but with yourself. I’m pretty sure there are some of you that have so many clothes, but you don’t wear them because you don’t feel confident enough to pull it off?! Been there done that! Let me tell you, you can become more and more confident with each style you choose to wear everyday. Best way to start, is with something simple. Try getting a jumpsuit that maybe sleeveless, or has one shoulder off, or even just a tiny opening in the back. It only takes one compliment, or a smile you may get from your co-worker asking where did you get that jumpsuit from. It makes you feel good about yourself, and hopefully keeps a smile on your face. Once you’ve experienced that confidence, it will help you preform productively and positively not only at work but with relationships with your significant other, and in school if you’re currently enrolled. Its going to make you want to style your outfit for the next day or just take an extra 20 min to put together a look that will have you feeling like you can do anything life throws at you. I’m telling you its a wonderful feeling. Three things to remember when you think of this midnight blue jumpsuit; remain confident and keep smiling and styling when you put that next chic or simple look together. Also ladies please let me know what you’re facing when it comes to getting dressed each day, I want to be able to assist you with your styling needs. I will be posting shopping guides to assist those of you who have issues with shopping for the right clothes. Until next time ladies…

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