3 Ways to Style a Blazer

Do you find yourself only wearing a blazer to work? Do you have any issues with styling your blazers? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then it’s a great thing that you stopped by to check out this post! Today’s blog post will provide different style tips for your blazer and also assist you with shopping for other pieces to style with your blazer. Yea, it is nice to wear that blazer to work or to a business meeting, but you don’t have to keep it professional with that blazer every time you wear it. You can dress it down for a casual look to wear grocery shopping or a mall run. Or you can dress it up to go out to a party or a concert or even date night with your boo thang!

The first look is for a “casual lady”. I paired this blazer with a pair of jeans and a tee. Yes a t-shirt!! You can dress a lot of things in your wardrobe by adding a simple t-shirt. This is a plain navy blue blazer. A nice pair of jeans are always good for a casual day. Even if the casual day involves nothing but grocery shopping and running to the cleaners to pick up some things.

Casual Look
Casual Look by makingmunee featuring a navy jacket

With this casual style, you can still feel confident even if you’re just throwing on a tee. I added some slip on flip flops. They’re a settle nude color which gives you a feminine look where you don’t feel completely dressed down. Of course we have to add accessories with this look. Nothing too flashy with this casual style. I added a nice navy blue watch with pairing bracelets that matches the flip flops and t-shirt. The tote is a must! Where ever you are headed on this laid back day , you’re going to need a purse. I know on days like this I’m usuall running errands. So I’m going to have to carry a big enough purse, to tote my things around in. With that being said, this tote is great for a casual day. And last of course I’m going to add a pair of sunglasses. Because it’s Spring the sun is going to be out, and you’ll be prepared with some fashionable shades to wear. Every piece in this look allows you to feel good and stay comfortable. The nude color allows you to feel femine. And when you think you can’t be casual with a blazer… Stay confident and style yourself like this “casual lady”.

This next look is when you might have a hot date. Or maybe you’re just going out with your ladies to a party. Either situation you can add pieces with your blazer to style a night on the town look. Of course I paired this blazer with some metallic shorts. These shorts add “sassy” to this look. And with this nude croptop you’ll be sure to turn some heads. I styled some nude booties with this outfit to show off those legs! The booties are a great shoe to dress this style up.

A night on the town

The acccessories added to this look are key. I paired a big necklace, thick plated bangle, sapphire colored earrings and navy and gold watch. Here I paired another tote bag. In this style you will only be using this purse for stylsh purposes only. You won’t have a lot of items in your bag for the night. But the colors and style of this purse brings the outfit together. So you better work it. Show off those legs and feel modest with the blazer too. Just remember for this style the main focus is to dress the blazer up. And I think this style nails it.

This last style will have everyone at work thinking, “she is looking so chic today”. The great thing about having confidence, is everyone notices it! When you feel fashionable even going to work, it shows that you take the time on your apperance. The blazer is paired with matching blue pants and a bright yellow shirt. You should always add a pop of color when you’re going to work. They say yellow is a happy, positive, and energetic color. Three things you should want to have at work.

Business Chic.
It’s Spring so you better rock those spring colors like this canary yellow. And the navy blue and yellow is something most people wouldn’t even think to pair together. But this style works. I found these yellow mules that have a nice comformtable stlye when you’re at work. You dont always have to wear a shoe with a small heel. As you can see the accessories are quite simple. The yellow studded earrings matches the top and mules. And of course the one item that is a must, is the watch. A watch is the perfet accent peice for this style. The wallet is big enough to keep money, ID, and credit cards. A purse isn’t a must to carry to work. This wallet is simple and chic for this style. Now you see you can be chic when dressing for work as well.
And there you have it! Three looks to show how to style a blazer. And seriously this is how I shop. These styles help you to style one specific peice you have in your wardrobe, so you won’t wear that blazer only once. I usually take one piece (in this case the blazer) and utilize it for more than just one occasion. I not only wear it to work, but I can dress it up or dress it down. These styles add a feminity, sass, and happienss to your own life as a confident woman. I am sure these shopping guides will help you replicate your own styles and continue to be the women you are becoming. Until next time stay confident and style that blazer more ways than just once!

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