Heather Me Grey

I want to first let you know that I really love this sweater from Fashion Nova. You can  really wear this sweater anywhere. It’s a multi-purpose piece. You can wear it to work, or to class, or you can throw it on for a night on the town.  I’m wearing this out tonight. No where fancy, just a laid back atmosphere with no specific dress code. I chose to add this sweater with this all black outfit . I mean the outfit all together is simple, but chic.


These pants are form fitting and has a zipper up the front for a chic design. The top I added is a crop top. I chose a top that shows off that detail on the pants. These pants pair easily with a crop top. The great thing about these pants, is the material. They’re form fitting, but also stretchy where you don’t feel uncomfortable. They’re the perfect pants to wear when you’re out with friends or even when you’re on a date. These pants are also from Fashion Nova. If you’re not familiar with this site, get familiar. The clothes on this site are great for just about anyone.


Because I’m rocking all black of course I had to add my “Yenny” style sandal from justfab.com. I wore these sandals first on my last blog post, but they go great with this style too! The detail of the shoe is the best part. They are faux suede, and has a sexy little tie design in the back. The weather is great for these sandals, especially to have those toes out. The sandal extends up to the ankle, which is super chic. And I just threw on this jeweled bracelet and watch for an added accessories.


Wearing this style puts my confidence level on 10. I was going for a chic look that can be worn out on the town. Showing a little bit of skin, but not too much and gives that wow factor at the same time. The next time you’re headed out with your girls think of this style to rock for the evening. Just remember you don’t need a ton of pieces to be stylish!!

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