How to Make your Heels Comfortable

Do you find yourself wearing these cute shoes, but realize after one hour your feet hurt so bad that you wish you didn’t wear them? Or did you buy some shoes and can’t wear them to that day party this weekend because you know your heels are too high, and you don’t feel comfortable walking around looking cute in them? I personally have experienced these situations. To this day, I have a pair of 5 inch heels, still in the box, never worn. And then you think, just a waste of money, smh. But let me help you with some tips for those heel issues.

So there are 5 easy tips to guide you on what kind of shoes to buy when you want to be comfortable.

Heel Placement

1. Speed 98 Bow Stiletto  2. X2B Black Patent Stiletto 3. Adrielle Caged Heeled Sandal

The heel should be placed directly under your the center of your heel. If your heel is too far back, it wont support your weight properly. If the heel is narrow, look for the shoes that have the heel dip down a little it from the top.

Heel thickness

5. Joe Fresh Women’s Suede Block Heel Sandals 4. Aldo Ibania suede heeled sandals  6.Head Over Heels By Dune ‘Missy’ High Sandals

The wider the heel the greater you have stability. Even better if the sole is rounded it helps keep your weight back on the ball of your feet instead of on your toes.

Sole Thickness

7. Jessica Simpson – Willey Women’s Shoes 8.Qupid Patent Platform Stiletto  9.Jessica Simpson Carri Peep Toe Platform Stiletto

High heel shoes are more comfortable when there is a little padding.  Usually platforms, are good for comfort especially on hard surfaces.

Sole Rigidity

10.Calvin Klein Malia Stretch Knit Pull-On Peep Toe Stiletto Booties 11. Free Love Boutique Clora Pumps 12. Marni Round-Toe Rubber Pumps

Try to stay away from shoes with rigid soles made out of wood or hard plastic. Leather and rubber soles move with your feet and help you adjust better to inconsistencies in the ground.


13. boohoo Jessica Cage Stiletto Heels 14. Head over Heels by Dune MICHA 15. Strappy Stiletto Sandals

The easier the shoe to slip on and off, the harder it is to walk in them.  The shoes should feel like an extension of your body. A boot or something with straps that goes around the ankle and/or the front of the foot is better.

You can use anyone of these style tips to make your heels more comfortable for you. With these styling tips you can actually enjoy the shoes that you buy. Just remember these style tips when you are buying heels, and you wont waste anymore money. When you’re wearing these kind of shoes, you will not only be comfortable at that party, but you instantly feel confident with every stride you take, knowing you won’t fall or your feet won’t hurt in an hour. Hope this helps my loves, and if there are any other fashion struggles you’re dealing with let me know!

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