Overall Confidence

So as the end of the year gets closer I just think about all I’ve overcome this past year. I think about what I have done to get to where I am now. Now, I want you to think for a min… What are some things that physically makes you feel confident? It can be something as simple as listening to one of your favorite songs, or dressing up for an occasion, anything… There are a few things that makes me feel confident; my make-up, when I accomplish short term goals, and of course my look/style for the day.


Ladies I’m here to say confidence is not just in the mind, there can be a physical feeling that you get. I want you to take note of what makes you feel confident and try to do more of it!! Something as simple as an outfit makes me feel confident with myself. I enjoy how the outfit makes me feel and it seems like I receive a compliment every time I step out.

I couldn’t wait to style these olive over the knee boots. These boots are fierce and I feel they compliment my frame and body type. As you can tell olive, is becoming one of my favorite colors. It’s also a color thats been trending this season. I paired these boots with some denim overalls. These overalls are actually vintage. I chose to not wear them the traditional way. I haven’t wore any in a while, but I think this look was paired together nicely.


A mid-length gold medallion drop necklace was added for an accessory with matching earrings. The colors olive and gold mesh together well, especially during the holiday season. I actually attended a comedy show, and  love how the scenery complimented my look this evening.

Next time you’re feeling down or out of place, think of those things that make you feel confident. Ladies, just remember when you feel confident, you are unstoppable…

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