Reused Glam


Are you guilty of wearing clothes only once?! There was a time when I thought the idea of wearing clothes more than once was so corny. I did not want to be caught wearing the same outfit, especially when I have pictures in that outfit or went to an event in that outfit. But now that I’m a mom I have to think about saving money. I am re-thinking the whole “repurpose” idea with my clothes. There are so many pieces in my wardrobe, that I’ve only worn once. It’s like the items I tend to buy are so unique or exclusive, once I wear it once someone is bound to know if I wore it again.

But guess what ladies?! That was the old me. I am embracing my confidence now, and throwing all the thoughts of what someone else thinks about me or my clothing out the window. My friends recently invited me to this new lounge called the Medusa for a birthday party. Medusa is an up and coming restaurant & lounge where all the celebrities come and kick and it. So you know my outfit had to be a show stopping one.


With this weather, I was undecided on what to wear. It’s still like 20-30 degrees outside. I mean really who wants to get all cute with a dress or some shorts when there’s still snow outside? Not I. I hate being cold, even though we wouldn’t be outside for too long. I still needed to find something that I could be comfortable in, warm (for the most part), and of course make a statement in. If you know me by now, I tend to wear things most people won’t be wearing or something that will have all eyes on me. You know something unique. So I bought these pleated pants last spring. These ivory pants are Ralph Lauren, but I got them from TJ Maxx for a steal. I even featured them on one of my very first blog posts. Talk about bold huh? But I felt like it’s about time to repurpose/restyle these pants. And what better way to do it, then a night on the town.


I paired these pants with a wine colored lace crop top. I wanted to balance the entire look by showing off just enough skin with these paints. So the lace top was a perfect addition. I was able to keep the look classy, but chic. I added this floral and gold necklace I got from Forever 21. This exclusive clear cross-body clutch added enough style to this look. I didn’t put too many items in this clutch because it is transparent, so a simple lip gloss and my ID wrapped up in some one dollar bills was enough. I actually searched for this clutch and found it on amazon.


I’m glad I decided to wear these pants. It’s nice to know reusing or re-wearing an item can turn out better the second time around. This final look turned out great! And ladies, next time you think about wearing something you’ve already wore, mix it up and style it a little different than before. And voila!! You have a new outfit. With the confidence I have now, I am too glam to give a damn, what people think. Yes I’ve worn these pants before and maybe I’ll wear them again!

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