Conquer Today

Hey ladies!!! “Conquer today!” Let this simple sentence settle into your thoughts. Just know, that you have full control of your life and how you want it to live it. Today is just a small stepping stone and piece of what you’re trying to achieve. Monday’s are usually the days I have my goals in place, and I’m looking forward to the week so I can conquer them!

I have my cup of “Ginger Peach” tea to help start my day. I’m not a coffee drinker in case you were wandering. Believe it or not, tea is a great way to start my day off. It’s warm and keeps me calm and level with my thoughts. For those of you that know me, know that my thoughts are usually all over the place. Tea usually helps with that. It allows me to stay focused with my thoughts and feel like I can conquer any day that comes my way.

Take my outfit for example! This plaid trench allows me to feel like I can conquer anything with this look. It is a great third piece to add to any Fall look this season. If you haven’t checked out my latest post, “FALL INTO AUTUMN TRENDS” please check it out once you’re done reading this post. It gives you 5 essential trends you will need to add to your wardrobe this Fall. I decided to wear this trench because it’s been a little chilly lately. It allows me to stay warm and show my outfit. If you know Cleveland weather, than you know it can change at any point. If the weather drops below 40, you probably want to wear something a little warmer, like a winter coat.

But back to Fall, this trench is a great finishing touch to this plain outfit. I’m wearing a standard black turtle neck and dark denim jeans. I’ve added these panleather black booties with a block heel and a matching mini panleather satchel. Perfect for the outfit, because I don’t want to be carrying too much in my purse today. The boots and purse dresses the outfit up a little more for a Monday.

This outfit can be worn to work, to the mall, that afternoon meeting you have with your business partner, or if you have to meet your child’s teacher for a conference. You are sure to conquer any day with this plaid trench!

On this Monday, I want you to conquer all that you can not only in what you’re wearing. Conquer that fear you’ve been holding onto. Conquer that self-doubt you’ve been feeling about a new business opportunity or idea. Conquer the thoughts of failure. We all have challenges or obstacles we face. But ultimately it is up to you to face them, embrace them, and conquer them Today!

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