How to Embrace Plaid This Fall

Do you own anything plaid… a scarf? A hat? Pants or jacket? What if I told you plaid is making it’s debut this Fall? This season’s plaid pieces will bring an urban twist to your wardrobe. There are so many options with plaid that will allow you to embrace this trend in your very own wardrobe .

This season layering is EV-ERY-THI-NG!! You’ll be sure to look stylish this Fall when you layer your look with a a plaid jacket, blouse or top. If you can’t decide on how you will embrace plaid this Fall here are a few pieces to help you get inspired:

Pair a solid color turtle neck and dark denim with this buffalo plaid button up to create contrast for this style. Tie it around your waist to create a relaxed look. Stylish right?! For that perfect weekend look, you can add some booties- block heels- of course!

Mix prints and textures to go for that BOLD look. Wearing all black is a great way to embrace this subtle plaid on the front of this sheer blouse. You don’t have to over do it with the plaid. The leather leggings creates contrast and distracts your eye from focusing on just one print. You can also use outerwear to create layers. This shear-ling vest is a great piece to compliment this look. And I know every woman has that pair of heels they haven’t worn in a while. Great, go ahead and pull those out to bring this sassy look together. Date Night here we come!!!

As you can see leather is one material that pairs great with plaid. A solid red turtle neck creates depth with this black and white plaid. Add some tights and flats to tie this look together. Now you’re ready to start your day with this casual look. Cuute!!!

How are you going to embrace plaid this Fall? Comment and let me know what plaid you’re wearing this season.

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