Cubicle Chic

Do you ever struggle with getting dressed for work? Can’t figure out how to style that blue blouse? Can’t piece that perfect office look together? Don’t worry I’ve been there, I know that. Balancing career, family, and finding time for ourselves can take away your motivation to get dressed for work. You need to step out the door with style everyday. You’re probably thinking “Munee I don’t have to impress people at work. It ain’t nobody there!” But listen to me, it’s not about everyone else, it’s about you! Your own style should make you feel confident in what you’re wearing everyday. How do you feel when you’re showing off your style? Confident? Joyous? Fashionable?

You can definitely show off your wardrobe and be stylish at work at the same time. I do it all the time and it helps to boost my confidence. Sometimes we get ourselves in a “pair of black slacks and button up” rut. I’ll admit I’ve been there myself. I want to give you some workday inspiration and present to you my favorite piece this season “The trench coat”.The trench coat over time has become a feminine classic, it’s perfect for the office. It may be hard to find outerwear, if your dress code at the office is business formal or business casual. This staple piece will have you feeling professional and chic on a Tuesday at the office. This yellow belted trench coat screams positive energy, exactly what you’ll need for a full day at work.

Trench coats come in all variations. When you’re on the hunt for your own trench, be sure to grab a vibrant color, like this one. The great thing about the trench coat is it’s flattering on all body types. Whether you’re petite, curvy, slim or tall you will look great in it. This classic belted look gives an elegant and classy trend which shows you’re stylish. The trench has always been my go to coat for transitioning in and out of winter. You can wear it in December and in March and be stylish in the Winter and Spring.

Pair it with some tailored pants, a solid turtle neck, and some booties to show your employees you’re dressed for success. Just because you sit in an office all day, doesn’t mean you can’t be styling. Ok!!! Hopefully, with my helpful tips you will become more confident and comfortable with piecing together that perfect cubicle chic look. Comment below and let me know how you styled yourself for your workday!

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