How to reinvent your Grandma’s sweater

It’s Christmas and you’re about to open the gift your grandma has gotten for you. You’re hoping it’s that new Louis Vuitton bag you asked for. As you unwrap the paper and open up the box, you realize it’s a frumpy sweater from the good will. This gift would’ve been a great option for your job’s Ugly Christmas Sweater party. I bet you’re thinking “I will never wear that sweater!” “It’s not trendy” or “It’s outdated!” Let me tell you a little secret, you can create style with any piece of clothing. You may also wonder how you’re going to look with a sweater your grandma would wear.

Well don’t get too disappointed. I think it’s important to know that even those thrift items you receive can transform any outfit to a stylish one. The trick is adding other items to that one piece and you can create a FIERCE look. No one would even know it’s a thrift store sweater.

For example, this neon midi sweater belonged to my grandma. Although she was a fashionista, her favorite store was the thrift store. When she passed away, I took a lot of her clothes not only to remember her by, but to reinvent my own style with hers. That’s the fun part about fashion, you can create effortless looks even with your grandma’s clothes.

I chose to rock this over sized midi-sweater with some olive colored high waisted jeans. The neon yellow and olive doesn’t necessarily match but the colors complement each other. I added a black belt to create depth. So instead of the sweater looking too big on my small frame, it’s created a trendy but comfortable look. As we know it’s still sweater season and a sweater is the easiest way to update your cold-weather wardrobe.

This one sweater can be styled multiple ways. It can take your look from go-getter weekday to casual lounge-loving weekend. It’s your choice and your own personal style. You can pair it with a black moto jacket and black booties and take your look from day time to after hours. Perfect for date night!

Top your look off with something dramatic, like this black floppy hat. This hat can hold it’s own for any occasion even in the winter months. It’s a great addition for a night out with the girls. This brim adds a touch of drama that draws people closer and looks sleek with full ensemble. This one sweater can provide many options to your wardrobe. You’re sure to create an effortless look regardless, whether it’s a thrift store item or a hand me down piece from your grandma. The next time you’re given a thrift store item embrace it and create a look that will be sure to turn heads. Once you transform your look, let me know or comment below to show me what you’ve come up with.

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