Go Bold in Red

Why it’s essential to add the color red to your wardrobe.

What colors are you adding to your wardrobe this year? If you look in my closet, there’s a huge section of it that’s black. I know, I know, sounds depressing right, but that’s like my go to color. Black is safe for me, but I need to expand and experiment with adding more colors to my wardrobe. Colors are a huge part of fashion trends, but did you know that wearing certain colors have been proven to enhance people’s moods? This is one reason you might want to choose your colors very carefully this new year!

Red is known for being the hottest most dynamic color of all. The color red represents stimulation, passion, and power. Red is one of the boldest and most exciting shades that you can wear, which explains it’s unique popularity. When I think of red I think of love, strength, and security. It’s a great color to wear, for those looking for love and passion in their lives. Red is bold and makes a statement screaming security and stability. Who doesn’t love stability – especially in your partner?

This chili pepper, red top is great for the office. If you have a big meeting or an interview, I would definitely recommend the color red to wear. I wouldn’t over do it wearing a full read outfit with shoes and a bag to match. Break it up a little add pop a of color here and there. It will complete an outfit if you’re rocking a mustard dress, and add some red pumps. Or if you’re wearing a denim jumpsuit, you can top the look off with a red hat and belt to match. Red is one of those shades that can’t help but make a statement on it’s own. There are a lot of colors you can pair it with. You can wear it with navy blue, gray or yellow and if you’re really bold you can pair it with purple. There’s a trend where people everywhere are mixing red and pink and pulling off bold looks. Similar to the gray, black and white allows the color to pop! It’s a great color combination for a day at the office.

Red is the ultimate showstopper color. Various hues of crimson and cherry have a lot of influence in the fashion world. The color is making it’s way into the runways of Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Balenciaga and many more brands. From runways to the streets, the color is perfect for tops and can make even the simple styles like this one stand out. Two fun facts about the color red: the word means beautiful in Russian and seeing the color can make your heart beat faster. I bet those tips alone will help encourage you to buy some red pieces to add to your wardrobe. I’m sure once you do you’ll be turning heads and making statements even at work.

With it only being two weeks into the new year, you have more than enough time to work on that wardrobe for this winter. What colors will you be wearing this year?

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