Authentic Augusta

Who doesn’t love a good road trip right? I know I do. I had an opportunity to drive down to Augusta,GA this past weekend with one of my good friends. GIRLS TRIP! YAY! When I tell you we had so MUCH FUN! We had so much fun. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I’m anticipating on returning sometime in the near future, that’s how serious it is. It’s just a great place to vibe, check out new things, and experience a different lifestyle altogether.

Before leaving I searched a few things on the internet to see what we could get into. It seemed like it was a country city and we wouldn’t have that much fun. But boy was I fooled. One thing I would like to change for the next trip back is the drive. That was a 10-hour drive. I mean we split up the drive, but it seemed like forever before we got to our destinations both ways.

We arrived at Holiday Inn Express, which offered a great deal for our stay. The hotel was clean and the people working were helpful and showed great southern hospitality. We shared a King room, which provided a king size bed and there was enough space in there for us both to get dressed and relax. The best thing about our room, was the huge mirror in the bathroom, it had lights around the perimeter and it was perfecting for taking selfies.

As soon as we got settled in, we immediately started getting ready to go out. We wanted to experience the night life in Augusta. I decided to wear a mini dress and thigh high boots. The dress was pink and I wore an olive and floral velvet turtle neck underneath. Did you know there are multiple ways you can style a mini dress even in the winter? Yessss, you can. It’s nice to know you can still use pieces in your wardrobe all year around. The lounge we went to was called Club Velvet. There was a nice southern vibe, everyone was having a great time dancing and drinking. No negative vibes, it was great! I was a little over dressed, but of course it’s ok because that’s my style. We headed back to the hotel after a night full of dancing, good food, and good vibes.

As we woke up for the next day, we missed the hotel breakfast. I was a little upset, because I was looking forward to it. I love to eat! So our first destination was the Augusta Mall. Now this mall was great it had every store I tend to shop at. Of course I ended up in Forever21 first. I ended up in Sephora, where I bought a new product to add to my skincare routine. I purchased Retinol from The Inkeylist. I couldn’t wait to start using it. This particular product is used for your nighttime routine.

After the mall, we went to get a car wash. When I tell you this man washed and detailed my girl’s truck and did a great job. He did his thang, for only $20!! I mean he cleaned the tires and the tail pipe. The inside of her truck the seats and dashboard had a polished finish. By then, we were hungry and went over to the “Juicy Crab”. When I tell yall I’m so glad we went. I am sooo glad we went. It was Sunday and they had great happy hour specials. So I decided to get the fried calamari, one of my favorites. They also offered a special for a seafood bag with king crab legs, shrimp with no heads, corn potatoes, eggs, and sausage all for only $26! I ordered the special with no sausage with the juicy special (sauce) and a Medium spice level! This was so good. I mean if you’re not big on spicy foods I recommend you get mild, because the medium has a nice little kick it to it. Order this when you go and you’ll thank me later. On every wall and door there’s a place where you can sign your name. You know your girl had to leave her mark there. If you ever go to the Augusta location, be sure to look for my name.

We decided to go to the Riverwalk after to walk off all that food we ate. The Riverwalk is located downtown Augusta. It is a tourist attraction that has historical monuments and statues, parks and trails. There was walking trail along the Savannah River. On the other side you can see all the nice mansions that were backed onto the river. It was such a great scenery. The walk was calming and serene. It allowed us to take some time to think and burn off some of the food from Juicy Crab. We took lots of pictures and then we decided to head back to the hotel for a nap.

This was our last night in Augusta and we wanted to continue having a good time. We had been personally invited to the Primetime lounge. We got dressed, and I really tried to tone it down a little with my outfit. But you know me. I wore a midi- mustard sweater dress with gold buttons. I added a black fedora and multi-colored paisley booties to complement the dress. Primetime was a little more laid back. There was great music, pool tables, and hookah. Another place I would attend again, great vibes. I am very big on vibes if you haven’t noticed already. Although the night was young, we returned back to the hotel to get some rest before we hit the road in the morning.

I wasn’t missing the hotel’s breakfast this time. I woke up in time to get dressed and make it down to the lobby for some fresh fruit, oatmeal, and homefries. Once we checked out of the hotel, we drove around a little and grabbed some Bojangles before hitting the freeway on the way back home. I wasn’t expecting such a great time in Augusta, GA. The people showed us great southern hospitality, the weather was nice, we ate good. I even experienced a train coming through downtown Augusta. This was the first time I stood right next to a moving train. The trip was short, but I felt like I did so much in a day and half that I already know I will be going back.

I love a great road trip. I wonder where I will go next. Comment below and tell me where I should go.

One thought on “Authentic Augusta

  1. I loved reading this blog post, it added so much insufficient on Augusta, your trip and all the fun you had made me feel like I was there. Oh and your outfits look amazing can’t wait to read about the end result on the new skincare products you purchased. Great read!!!


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