How to Wear a T-shirt and Jeans and Still Look Stylish

A classic pair of jeans and a t-shirt is an easy outfit to achieve. I mean how hard is it to put on your favorite go-to jeans and throw on a t-shirt right with it? Right? Sometimes this ensemble can look a bit dull and it doesn’t look stylish. I have some simple ways to help you dress up this casual look without much effort. All you need is a little outfit inspiration, and you’ll be looking very stylish with this casual go-to look. Grab a t -shirt, that you feel comfortable in. Your t-shirt should fit you nice and it should also compliment your figure. Every woman has their own body size and body type. So be sure choose a t-shirt that best fits your length, shape and neckline for your specific body type.

Tuck it In

Tip number one is to tuck in your shirt. I know that sounds easy, but it adds some depth to your look. It allows you to show off some curves if you have them. In my case it allows me to show off my jeans and their style. To state the obvious, wear some jeans that are trendy and look great on you. Dark washes are my go-to, but there’s nothing wrong with lighter jeans either. If they don’t fit well you make look sloppy or frumpy and no matter what shirt you’re wearing with them you won’t feel good about the look.

Roll up your sleeves

Something small you can do is roll up your sleeves. Bringing the sleeve up makes it look like a cap sleeve and transforms your look from drab to fab. Just a simple little trick can help your shirt look not so basic and not so plain. It will show you put a little effort into your outfit and to create a stylish look.

Tie a Knot

Tie your shirt in a knot for a cool-girl laid back kind of vibe! If you’re concerned about the shirt stretching, a simple trick is to use a small rubber band to create the knot for you. Add some solid color heels or pumps, if you really want to take it up a notch. Bright pinks or reds are my style. When you add color to this look it will easily dress your outfit up. It will transform a plain t-shirt into a stylish t-shirt and jeans look.

Layer and Accessorize

Elevate a basic t-shirt and jeans by layering and accessorizing or both. Throw on a blazer, jacket, or cardigan to add interest and style. A statement blazer will only enhance the look even more. The added blazer will give this casual look a fashion upgrade. You can layer on a leather jacket either black or an unexpected color like this red one for a cool feel.

Add designer (or designer look) accessories to upgrade your outfit. Quality footwear or accessory like this fedora hat will have your look appearing more expensive for that “rich girl Saturday ” effect. This confident classic fashion combination can be dressed up for any occasion.

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The next time you’re feeling stuck about what to wear with a t-shirt and your favorite go-to jeans, pull inspiration from these looks and you’ll be sure to create a stylish look.

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