She’s Higher Up

So I’ve been dying to wear these new shoes I purchased from Fashion Nova. Although we’re quarantined in the house it’s not going to stop me from wearing them. When I purchased them, I imagined myself wearing them out with my girls, or on a date night with my man. I didn’t think I’d be wearing them around the house. The good thing is I have a new pair of booties to wear as soon “outside” is open! It’s funny you see memes and IG posts saying “when outside opens…”. We would have never thought we would be in the house for so long. But here we are, and I’m going to make the best of it.

These booties are all black and have a croc style print. They’re called the “Higher Up Booties”. There is a platform heel that extends my height and shows of my legs. I love, love, love a black shoe. If you know me, I’m a huge fan of black shoes. I have black booties, heels, and pumps. Every girl has their go- to-shoe. Whether it’s a pointed toe or rounded toe, tall shaft or short shaft, leather or suede, block heel or stiletto heel – shoes are endless. Now you may think I love clothes and getting dressed, which I do, but my real weakness is shoes. So imagine the excitement I had to style these outfits.

Dressing with new pieces is always exciting. I love looking sexy, stylish, and fun. I typically choose pieces that flatters my tall and slim frame. Take a look at some of the ways I styled these booties.

Style them with a mini dress

Most booties can be styled with all sorts of dresses from sundress to skater dresses. It truly just depends on your personal sense of style and preference of course. So this snake skin print dress was an amazing match for these croc style booties. I added a croc style fanny pack to add some sass to the look.

Style them with mom jeans

The most flattering way to wear to mom jeans yet. Add some height and a mid-drift top and you’re ready for date night. This look is casual, but put-together chic.

Style them with a fun print

As far as prints go, leopard is pretty sexy. Wearing it with some casual slacks is a great way to add a little edge to to the look. I paired this loose fitting top with these black and white capris.

Style them with all white

Try an all-white outfit. I paired these white skinny jeans and white turtle neck to bring chic at it’s finest. I added black accessories like the hat, and leather jacket to bring you that model-off duty outfit.

If you don’t already have a pair of black booties that you love in your wardrobe, you might want grab you a pair. How do you like these styles? Let me know if you would rock any of these styles once the quarantine is over.

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