Casual Outfit Ideas when you’re Working from Home

How have you ladies been doing during this quarantine? Are you taking time to practice self-care? If you’re working from home like myself, I know the struggle. It’s so easy to find yourself wearing sweatpants all day, right? I mean who’s thinking about finding something to wear just to walk to the living room , or to your work station or your home office? You may not realize it but not getting dressed even when you’re working from home can leave you feeling too relaxed and unproductive at times. I know the importance of taking short breaks away from my computer helps me stay alert. But, getting dressed while working from home is important too. It’s MUST! I must change out of my pajamas, when I get out of bed each morning. If I stay in my pajamas all day, I won’t feel as mentally prepared to tackle my emails and first call outs for the day.

Getting dress helps me to get my day started. I feel energized and cute, sometimes I go a little over board and put on a little make up, just depends on how I’m feeling. Every now and again I will wear my favorite go-to, a nice comfy t-shirt and some leggings. Perfect for all day movement. The days I choose to get dressed, I usually have to steer away from the leggings, they can become a little boring for me. Keep scrolling to find out the different ways I get dressed when I’m working from home.


The great thing about working from home is that you can wear something to work that you may not normally be able to wear in the office. Like this bright neon two piece lounge set I have. The top is cropped so it wouldn’t be appropriate for the my office. We have a strict “business casual” dress code. Adding a much needed pop of color can be fun and it looks way better than my normal neutral palette I tend to wear to work.

One-piece Jumpsuit

This one-piece jumpsuit is for days when you have those Zoom meetings and you have to show up physically. No one wants to show up to a work meeting wearing a graphic tee or pajamas. When I know I have scheduled meetings, I tend to dress a little more professionally but still comfortable where I don’t have to put on a whole pants suit. These pants won’t wrinkle as curl yourself up on your couch for days on end and a laptop in your lap.

T-Shirt and Jeans

If you’re going to have your basics stocked up in your wardrobe, bring them out to enjoy them and feel comfortable for a day at work. The t-shirt and jeans look is going to be your simple go-to for weeks on end. You can always layer it if you have a scheduled Zoom meeting that day. A blazer or cardigan would be perfect layering pieces. T-shirts are super easy to dress up or dress down. If you’re looking for some cool ways to style a t-shirt take a look at a previous blog posts I did on styling t-shirts.

Take this opportunity to assert a little bit of control during this overwhelming uncertain time in your life and have a little fun too. Embrace bright colors, or challenge yourself to come up with an ensemble that’s worthy enough to be featured on “Working from home Fits” on IG. Next time there’s a Zoom call on your calendar get dressed so you can feel energized and stylish while working from home.

3 thoughts on “Casual Outfit Ideas when you’re Working from Home

  1. I love all these looks! I have been having soo much trouble getting inspired to dress up while working from home. This just gave me the inspiration I need to put on something other then leggings and a tee shirt! Thanks girly❤️❤️❤️

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