Dress Me Up for Spring

It’s Spring time and although we’re quarantined, for some of us the outside will be opening up really soon. So, when it does we will be ready to show off our cute Spring dresses. I’ve decided to mix up my wardrobe up some. I want to show off some new items that I’ve purchased, and incorporate them with some items that are already in my closet. Being at home, I’ve had a lot of time to do some online shopping. So let me share you some of my Spring styles, that will offer some inspiration to your wardrobe.

Tie-Dyes are fun

Yes! Tie-Dye is back in style for this Spring/Summer 2020. This season you will see an updated tie-dye trend that will bring versatility and fun to your Spring wardrobe. This modern style dress from Fashion Nova is perfect for a Summer day, but I paired with a few items I bought this Spring season. Spring in Ohio, isn’t always warm and sunny, so I added the “Pamela Turtle Neck“, which I also got from Fashion Nova. This Spring I’m showing off and showing out, so I added these “Mixed Feeling Booties” and black tam for a day out with my girls. This look is fun and cute.

Henny Dress

This wine midi-dress has been in my closet for some time now. I would usually wear it by itself in the summer, or add a blazer and wear it to work. This is a great transitional piece for any wardrobe. I decided to layer it. It works out well when there are cool Spring days. I’m wearing this look to brunch with my girls or a nice outdoor barbecue with my family. I layered this look with my new “Hennything is Possible” sweatshirt and added my “Sandy Sneakers” to create a more casual style for this midi-dress. That’s the fun thing about dresses you can dress them up or down.

Black Cocktail Dress

I take every opportunity to get all dolled up, when I’m going on a date. For the past couple of months we haven’t been able to have “normal” date nights because of work and quarantine. So I make sure I go full GLAM when it’s that time. I’ve had this dress since last year as well, and it’s the cutest little mini cocktail dress. To add more extension to my legs, I’m wearing these 3-piece heels from Fashion Nova. This sandal is simple and sexy, perfect for date night. I added “I’m the Boss Button Down Shirt” and wore it off the shoulders to add a little sexy to my look. A button down is so versatile as well, check out my last post to get tips on styling a button-down shirt. This look will have your man all over you for date night, I’m sure of it.

Nude Dress

I love the simplicity of dresses. I just purchased this “Basic Rude Dress” from Plastics Boutique. This simple strapless dress can be worn for any occasion; running errands, grocery shopping, or even a lunch date with a friend. This dress will definitely show off every portion of your body, it fits perfectly. If you’re subconscious about showing off too much skin or your shoulders, add a little wrap or cardigan to complete your outfit. I added this olive cardigan I use to layer, olive flip flop sandals, and an olive headband I got from my girl Genai. This simple look can be worn for a nice walk on the beach.

I hope you enjoyed these Spring dress looks. Head over to my Instagram, where I completed a try-on haul for these looks. I’ll be showing you some Spring trends in the next weeks, so we’ll all be ready to go out and style! Stay tuned.

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