Mask On/Mask Off

Due to the ongoing pandemic a lot of us will be wearing masks out in public. It’s becoming the new norm. Some states are requiring people to wear them out in public. I mean it’s like our world is changing during these uncertain times. Every time you go to the grocery store or go to the gas station you see more people with them on. It looks like we will be wearing cloth face masks for a while. We might as well find the ones we like. Some people wear the official KN95 masks, but for the majority of us we are wearing the basic cloth ones. There’s no obligation to any type of mask you have to wear. Civilians are mainly wearing the ones made of cloth and front-line and essential workers have the surgical masks. It’s likely masks will start to become fashion items, kind of how the trench coat or biker shorts has become known as fashion statement pieces.

There are a lot of places like Fashion Nova that have started to make their own. Also, there are a lot of tutorials out there where people are also learning to make their own. Small businesses are offering to make some for those who are requesting to stand out from everyone else. These face masks take up a good amount of your face. They cover up a lot what’s normally exposed, but that doesn’t mean our identities have to be hidden as well. Buying the right color or print to go with your outfit will be seen as self-expression. Some of us are looking to wear face masks as a fashion accessory.

Majority of us are looking for masks we do not have to make for ourselves. They’re becoming more popular across the internet. Etsy has been popular lately for face masks. I’ve seen people wearing them with matching head scarves, glitter styles, and some have added their business logos to them. Everyone is juts getting creative with the new trend. Google “face masks” right now and watch the ton of options you have to choose from.

I started my own collection of face masks. I have some specifically for the store, and I have some that I will dress up with my outfit or style. I couldn’t wait to purchase this top from Muurswag, an online boutique that offers the cutest clothing. It’s called the “Mask Off Top“. This top is the perfect top and face mask combo, so you know I had to get it. By now you may know, I’m someone that likes to stand out. This unique top is cute and safe. The ribbed sleeveless crop tank top features a turtleneck that can be worn as a face mask. And I feel in love with this top, when I first saw it.

The choice is up to you, whether you choose a camo print, cheetah print, or one that ties up. You may as well get comfortable with one that speaks to your own style. Face coverings are a crucial way for us to keep one another safe when we’re in public, and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere. On the way out to the store or to pick up that online order, decide on which face mask you’re wearing and let me know in the comments.

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