Last Call for Summer

The summer isn’t over ladies! That’s right we officially have a little less than 20 days until the first day of Fall, so why not live it up and rock those cute swimsuits you have hiding in your closet. Usually the hottest days of summer are in August, but we can still soak up all the sunshine that we’ll get in September as well.

So before you start wearing your Fall attire, try to enjoy the last days of summer. There are so many things you can do to officially say goodbye to Summer:

Head to the beach, and sunbathe in the sand.

Plan a picnic with your children, and go to the park and enjoy lunch under the sun.

Throw a backyard BBQ and cookout.

Try some of your exercises outside, while the weather is still nice.

Take a walk and enjoy the sunset, there is limited time to enjoy late sunsets.

And of course take those last dips into the pool.

I am going to use the rest of summer in the pool if I can. There were so many times where the boys enjoyed the pool, but personally I didn’t get to , because I worked a lot this summer. But I’m going to make time to wear some of the swimsuits I bought for the season. Even if I can’t make it to the pool, I will put on my bikini and lay out in the sun to absorb as much Vitamin D as I can.

These are the two bikinis were added to my wardrobe last. I purchased them from SheIn. This Smocked High Cut Bikini has to be my favorite. It fits comfortably with my shape and with the high waist I don’t have to show a lot of my stomach. This bold bikini is great for a trip to the beach or a seaside resort. The bright blue is a perfect color for the season.

This Tye Dye High Cut Bikini Swimsuit is fun and cute for the pool. SheIn has tons of colors but I think the yellow one suits me best. High waisted bikins are trending this summer, and adding a little tye-dye to your look will elevate your mood. This warm color makes you feel happy and it reflects the sunlight, it is sure to brighten up your day!

There are so many swim suit options to choose from. I typically buy about 2-3 swimsuits for the season. Depending on the style, I wear them for different occasions. I have a swimsuit I can wear when I’m taking the children swimming. This swimsuit is typically a one piece, or something comfortable, it also tends to be a little less revealing. This year’s swimsuits have been hotter than ever! There are some with playful designs and animal prints. If you’re going on a baecation or to a beautiful resort try a swimsuit with a plunging neckline or one that has sexy cut-outs. Whatever the occasion, you should wear a swimsuit for every mood. How will you be spending the last days of the summer?

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