About Munee

Hey ladies, as you may know I pride myself on being a mother of my two little boys.  I am a Kent State graduate. I am an entrepreneur, and I also consider myself a working woman. I am beginning this journey as a fashion blogger. There are so many things to be done, now that I am an adult. As a teenager, I was the type of girl that styled myself for every event, party, or family function. Once I became a mother, I lost the interest in my own personal style.  With trying to maintain two jobs, go to school, and taking care of my sons. I wasn’t putting the time and energy in myself, and I started to let myself go. I was once the woman who felt like I didn’t have to get dressed up just to go to work. I wasn’t taking the time to really create the look I knew I could pull off. I wasn’t staying consistent with styles and fashion trends, and it wasn’t only effecting my fashion sense but my life as well. One day, I just thought if this what I truly love, I am going to have to take that time to invest in myself. Once I realized this, I had to think about not only my sons, but myself as well, I began to feel like a new woman!

At this age I should be owning my life and enjoying each accomplishment. Which brings me to this blog; I started this blog to empower women and help build that confidence that you may have lost or never had! I want women to be able to say, “Dang, she was right about these shoes and that top.” I want them to get that extra little push (Pep Talk) by reading my blog and to show them they can do it too! Let me just tell you, by adding confidence in your life as a woman is not only a beautiful attribute to have, but it’s also helps you become confident in the decisions you make in every day life. You should be able to choose what you want to do in life and be proud about it. So take this time to check out my blog. I will be featuring boutiques that you yourself can shop, and grab some styles to add to your own wardrobe. I will also be featuring shopping guides monthly, so that you can also learn to shop how I shop (which is going to be awesome!!).

And if you’re thinking, it’s too late for you, it’s not. Time is of the essence.  I’m going to help you build that confidence and self-worth you deserve. The name Making Munee pretty much speaks about who I am, and who I am becoming. Munee-is short for Muneerah, for those of you who didn’t know that. Making Munee is the transformation I am using for myself to step into this world of fashion. This is the turn of a new leaf for me as well. I am using this blog to bring myself the confidence I need to make my life to what and how I want it to be. So hopefully you’ll join my journey with “Making Munee!”

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