Fall Into Autumn Trends

Fall Into Autumn Trends

Fall is here! And I know some of you may have been in a rush to get your children’s shopping out of the way, but don’t forget about your own closets! I’ve picked out 5 Fall trends that will help you update your wardrobe and give you a fresh start this season.

Staple Jackets

How They’re Elevated:

I’m big on third pieces, whether it’s worn to work or as an after school jacket. A casual jacket is going to be the finishing touch that completes an otherwise standard top and jeans look.

Why They’re Great:

As we move from summer to Fall, the mornings and evenings are getting to be a little more chilly. To keep wearing your tees and tanks from the summer all you need is a lightweight layer to add.

My Favorite Details: 

You can’t go wrong with a classic denim jacket. If you want to mix things up a bit, try features like extra pockets, Fall colors like orange and mustard or even an olive green. 

Sweater Dress

How They’re Elevated:

Next to trench coats and ankle boots sweater dresses are one of Fall’s biggest hits! This Fall, stay warm and go out in the chunkiest, chicest, and most effortless sweater dress. 

Why They’re Great:

I’m talking about cable knit, turtle necks, or even ankle sweeping sweater dress options are endless! You can rock it over sized and keep it comfy if you like. But it’s a sure way to incorporate comfort in your closet rotation. 

What’s your Favorite Style:

Whether long, short, or somewhere in between this piece is a timeless staple. It’s easy to layer and perfect for neutral colors.  A midi can be worn by itself or with leather pants for an elevated off duty look. With a thigh slit, this staple cold-weather piece becomes a bit more sexy. 

Fun Pants

How They’re Elevated:

Don’t forget that your pants can make a statement just as easily as a top or a pair of shoes. A crisp straight pair is great for work. A wide-leg is as comfortable as it is chic. 

Why They’re Great: 

Of Course we love a great pair of denim, but the look can get stale if you’re wearing them day in and day out. It’s important to keep a rotation of colors and styles to keep your wardrobe looking fresh. 

Fitting your shape: 

If you’re petite, look for cropped pants they’ll hit your ankle where you want them to. If you’re a curvier woman, choose a cinched pant or belted waist to show off your narrow midsection. 

Statement Shoes

How They’re Elevated: 

It doesn’t matter your outfit, people will always see your shoes. Which makes them great for a print or a pop of color to add to your outfit. It’s nothing like a statement pair to really energize your look. 

Why They’re Great: 

If getting your kids to and from school is back on the to do list, I recommend flats, low, or even block heels. It really depends on your comfort level. Being comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t be sassy!

Colors to Consider: 

Take advantage of your summer colors for as long as possible. With the right outfit combo, you can transition colors like coral, pink, and orange right into Fall colors. 

Unique Accessories

Why They’re elevated:

Bags, sunglasses, and belts are wardrobe staples. I’m always eyeing the ones that will stand out! Bold and geometric will be popular this Fall. Stay on the look out for accessories with defined shapes. 

Why They’re Great: 

Like a jacket, an accessory can be a third piece. Functional items like tote bags and sunglasses can add texture, color, or an interesting silhouette to the look. 

Pieces to Try: 

Treat yourself to an overly glam accessory like a statement belt, scarf, or an over the top pair of sunglasses. After that all you’ll need is confidence. 

Are you ready to jump into your new Fall styles? I have so many tips and tricks to transition your summer looks right into Fall. 


G.I. Jane takes on Fall

G.I. Jane takes on Fall

September 30, 2019

I’m pretty sure camo print is made especially for Fall fashion and I’m sharing all of my faves on this blog today. There’s so many ways to style this print, all slightly different from the next. Whether you’re rocking it with pants, OTK boots, or topping your look off with a floppy hat, there’s so many ways to style the camo this Fall without overdoing it.

Layer your camo skinnies with a denim top and some nude pumps. We’ll call this Camo chic. This style is effortlessly chic while still being casual. My favorite combo!

Pair your camo bodysuit with a blazer set and add a floppy hat and chunky heel booties to make your look stylish. I’m wearing the “Move Forward Blazer Set” from Fashion Nova with this look.

For that GI Jane look I paired this white bodysuit with these “Diva Boy Wear” camo pants. For an exclusive look I added these “Mixed Feelings Booties” also from Fashion Nova. Cleveland’s Fall days have been pretty warm so this bodysuit is OK to wear. Feel free to add a leather or denim jacket to the outfit.

On a cool day, grunge up your look with a warm camo hoodie and add OTK boots. A neutral color brings out the camo print that screams street style, which is great for Fall. Check out the “Filthy Genius” brand for all your hoodie favs.

Camo looks great with neutral colors. I added this neutral hat and nude pumps with this “Leilan Midi Dress“. You want to show a little more skin when you’re wearing camo, so it doesn’t look like you’re just wearing army fatigues.

Camo is a for sure trend that’s hitting the stores this Fall. You really can’t go wrong with adding camouflage pieces to your outfits this Fall.

So what do you all think about the camouflage trend this fall?! Love it? Hate it? Considering it now? My goal is always to encourage you to try something new with your wardrobe. Hopefully these looks have given you some inspiration, but remember to keep it: simple, sophisticated, and chic!

5 Ways to Conquer the “Blazer” Look.

5 Ways to Conquer the “Blazer” Look.

September 11, 2019

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The “It” item for Fall has made itself clear. And no it’s not a bag or a designer dress or even those groovy denim bell bottoms you may have purchased this summer, it’s a blazer! That’s right the piece you’ve probably had in your closet for years. The one you think you only have to dress conservative with. This item is exploding on the street style scene. Every fashion influencer or blogger has been spotted wearing their blazers. And I have 5 simple but inventive ways to style the blazer with some things you already have in your closet.

To make the blazer look stylish, pair it with a black top, some fitted jeans and pair of heels. “CONFIDENCE” is what it screams! This outfit works everywhere from the office to the front row of Fashion week.

Black Top and Heels

Next try it with denim cut off shorts and graphic hoodie to make your look cool and fashion-forward. You’re sure to turn heads with this trendy look.

Hoodie and Cut off Denim shorts

One of my personal favorites is to pair with a skirt. I chose a mid-length one and a graphic tee. As the skirt was once reserved for business people, this season it feels fresh and cool. It adds a little bit of sass to the look, or you can opt for a mini-skirt to keep it modern.

Graphic tee and Midi-skirt

Mix the blazer with a mini dress and OTK boots to add some sexy to your look. Perfect for a date night with your man.

Black Dress and OTK boots

Finally try a turtle neck and add some bold earrings. It adds a perfect level of sophistication to the more casual style.

As you can see with simple additions you’re able to transform your “blazer” look into a night on the town, a day at the office, or even a networking event. You can also add your spin or spunk to each style to show your true individuality. Continue to stay motivated with each piece you put together. Add a comment below and tell me how I conquered these looks.

Neon Glow

Neon Glow

May 1,2019

Hey ladies!! I’m so excited to be featuring my girl Angel’s new boutique… “Plastics Boutique”. It’s a new boutique with the latest looks for an affordable price. This boutique is sure to boost your confidence!!!

I think fashion brings women power, not only within themselves but in their workplace. When I think of fashion I think of making a difference for myself. I want my fashionable trends to have an impact not only for women but for the world as well.

This “Python Bodysuit” fits perfect. It’s stretchy material is great for all body types. You can wear this bodysuit with jeans or even shorts Of course you can find it on http://www.plasticsboutique.co . I paired it with this “Boot Camp Skirt” from Fashion Nova. You know I love some Fashion Nova.

I paired these black pan leather boots and small purse to accessorize the outfit and bring it all together. This outfit is sure to boost your confidence whether you’re going out to a club or just want to dress and go to an event.

Let me know your thoughts when you’re putting your outfits and looks together. How do you decide what boosts your confidence??

Reflecting on myself

Reflecting on myself

June 20 ,2018


It’s been one year since I’ve been in a physical altercation with my sons’ father. At one point I didn’t think it was an issue to put hands on each other. But I as I reflect on the toxic relationship, I didn’t have a clear understanding of “love”. Throughout this journey with Making Munee, I’ve learned to not only love myself but maintain that confidence in my life. Confidence was one thing I was lacking.

There was a time in life, where I wasn’t satisfied with how I was living. I was overworking myself, trying to finish college, taking care of y two sons all while being in a toxic relationship. And around this time last year, I felt that I had been through enough. I just began my blog, but I wasn’t fully committed to staying confident. I had let myself fall back into some old habits. I do want to say I am doing better than ever. The feeling I have when I look back on my life, is a feeling of relief.


There are so many burdens that have been lifted, I feel like there is no turning back. With each blog post my confidence boosts to a ten!! I try to create a look that not only compliments my self, but also helps with boosting my confidence. Whether it be a dress, legging, or even the hottest shoes. Every article of clothing I put together creates an outfit that displays the confidence I have. I got this “Fawn White Feather Skirt Bodycon Dress” from Pretty Little Thing.


Loving myself more and more!!!

Think Pink

Think Pink

Im backkk!! It’s been a while since I’ve really had the time to come and discuss what I’m wearing and how I’m feeling. Im focusing on positivity and remaining stress free in life.

There are so many things I have to deal with in a week, whether it’s work (12 hour shifts), being a mom, focusing on goals, and building my brand, that I’ve learned I need to balance it all without stressing myself out in the process. Most often I’m always panicking about where my life needs to be. I’m continually working on being positive and I strongly believe in giving myself a break.

So here I am embracing the sun and welcoming the spring weather with this “Hot Pink” jumpsuit from Fashion Nova. I’m trying think positive with learning my own personal style more and more. I usually prefer a one piece, it’s more convenient when you’re getting dressed. I added these high top tennis shoes from Ego Shoes and this stylish clear backpack from Walmart. Check that out, Walmart I was amazed with the style. This translucent effect allows you to show off whatever you add in your backpack. This look can easily be worn to a basketball game or a fashion show. Any event where you would enjoy flaunting those curves in this one piece jumpsuit.

Today marks two years since I began this journey with confidence and starting this fashion blog! At this point I’m going to continue to embrace this confidence and continuing to stay positive. I’m going to continue to show off this confidence with what I’m wearing…

Think pink and think positive!!

Dazzle Me

Dazzle Me

June 14, 2018

Hey ladies. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Spring weather. I am so loving this warm weather. Perfect for sheer body suits and leggings. As my wardrobe continues to grow, I find myself shopping more at Fashion Nova. They’re clothes fit me and not only that, they always have great deals. Which is one reason why I continue shopping there.

This outfit consists of a few pieces from Fashion Nova:

  • “Give you what you need denim jacket”
  • “Don’t faux with me active leggings”
  • “Minimalistic Bodysuit”

I always find myself buying a lot of black. So had to add this denim jack to the look to keep it from looking so dull. This distressed half jacket is perfect for this outfit. It shows off enough of the bodysuit. I love body suits and leggings together. They’re a comfortable combination if you want to party, or even if you just wanna hand out with your girls at the mall.


The statement piece of the outfit are the shoes:

“Bijou Diamante Embellished Ankle Boots” in Black Faux Suede

These ankle boots are dazzling to say the least. The detail of it makes me feel pretty. And once you walk in the room with these boots you will guarantee all eyes gravitate downwards. I grabbed these from an onlie boutique Public Desire. I’m just getting hip to this boutique. They have a ton of variety of shoes. Anything you want, I’m pretty sure they have. They also run great deals. Be sure to check them out for the latest sandals, booties, and pumps for the summer!!

Mention my name ‘Muneerah Saleem’ and you can receive 30% off. You can’t beat that. Great shoes and a great deal!! Make sure to grab something that sets you from the rest. Something that is dazzling and fun!