Day to Night

Day to Night



As a business woman, I am the first to say style and confidence comes first when it’s dealing with my attire. Presently, business casual is the dress code for work. I am usually wearing dress pants, blouses, blazers, skirts, etc. You know the essentials for a young black professional woman. Sometimes there are times when I have to wear the outfit I wore to work to an event that same day. Or maybe by the time I’m off there’s barely enough time to throw a completely different outfit together and leave out again. So here are some key tips on transforming your work attire for an evening event outfit.

The outfit you wear to work, should contain a simple top. Something that can be easily changed or where you can just add some accessories to dress it up a little. For this look I’m wearing a basic long sleeve black top with a crew neck. Keeping it simple for the office look. Once you’re off, there can be an easy switch with the tops. I added this “Show You My Tricks Bralette” from Fashion Nova for the evening look to add some sexy. Depending on the evening event; date night, concert, or even a late dinner party with the girls, this bralette is sure to bring sexy back to this business “look”.

Go bold with colors! Make sure the colors you’re wearing are bold enough to dress up once you move on to the next event. I chose lavender for this look. I’m wearing this  Jessica Slinky Tapered Trouser Duster Co-Ord from Boohoo for a professional look. Plus lavender is bold enough where it’s not too distracting for work. But it adds just enough color to show off your personal style at work. Black pairs nicely with the lavender. This tapered suit jacket can be worn as a professional piece for work and by adding the matching pants it “shows business woman with syle”. But the color and material of it allows you to transform this look for the evening.


I typically wear flats to work. Main reason being I’m on my feet some of the time, and wearing flats provide comfort. Once I leave work, I transition into some sexy black sandals with stylish design to dress up the look. For a business style accessories should be kept modest and tasteful. So for the business look I’ve only added a small black purse and black leather wach. For the transformation, I added a dazzling choker to this look.


And finally you’re make-up can be transformed as well. At work I started off with a simple look. Lipgloss and lipliner to add to my lips and a natural look for the face. Once you begin to get ready for the evening look, add some color to the lips. I went for this bold red to add to my sexy evening look.

There are so many ways you can dress a business casual look up. That suit jacket or blazer can be worn to work and also out to that dinner party once you’re off. Go through your closet and play with adding colors, accessories, and a different shoe!! Stay beautiful ladies!!!


Romantic Spice

Romantic Spice

February 14, 2018

Ok ladies let’s get these looks together for Valentine’s Day. It’s not always that day when you’re going on a date or spending quality time with a loved one. You want to leave the house feeling beautiful and confident when you’re headed to work or school. And even if you have the pleasure of spending your day with your man, you definitely want to feel special with him as well. Hopefully he should make you feel like that anyway.

Now I’m normally not too keen on holidays but I’m feeling romantic today. I’m literally a sucker for love, but in all honesty I don’t even think I’ve ever been in love?! How does that work? Anyway,  because I’m feeling romantic I decided to go with lip color “Spice”. It’s actually a Kylie Matte Lipstick, that I got some time ago. But I would recommend copping one of her lip kits. The color is vibrant and stays on for a nice period of time. I outlined my lips with the same color lip liner. I just love the color and how well it goes with my skin tone!

Here was my motivation for today. LOVE!!! This month’s issue of Glamour is pretty straight forward on what they’re trying to convey and perfect timing!  So this issue should be very inspiring, can’t wait to read it and it’s entirety. I don’t know if you’ve ever read or subscribed to the magazine, but I think the content is pretty good. Let’s see what the articles are about today.  Even though I’m a sucker for love, there’s no love for me this year. Sad to say I know. But I still want to look and feel nice. And smell nice as well. Today I’m wearing “Decadence” by Marc Jacobs, a little fancy I know. But it’s time to treat myself. Even though I have no Valentine, doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to smell good. When someone walks past me today, they gone think “Oh she got it going on!!” And you know I do… lol

flat lay

This holiday is supposed to be all about love.. But let me say this first, love yourself. PLEASE love yourself first, that’s the key to happiness if you don’t already know that. Make sure you’re making yourself a priority in life. I had to learn the hard way, no boyfriend, baby daddy, or husband was going to make me put myself on hold for them. And if they did they didn’t truly love me. At least that’s how I’m looking at the situation. And if you’re like me… single. Don’t be sad, because you’re not spending the day with a loved one. I want you to feel loved, not only because you love yourself, but because there’s someone out there that will truly love you for you. You probably just haven’t met them yet. So take this time to give yourself the love that it truly needs. Throw on your best lipstick and fragrance that allows you to look and feel beautiful. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

What’s in your makeup bag?

What’s in your makeup bag?

February 7, 2018

So let me just ask you what do you typically carry in your makeup bag? The crazy thing is I have so many makeup bags each with different items in them. I normally would just alternate the items inside depending on the day. As of lately I have just been carrying mascara, a lip gloss, an eyeliner, chap stick or lip balm, LA girl pro concealer, a beauty blender, etc. You know just for the basics.

This makeup bag today features some of my favorite items with brands ranging from Tarte, Nyx, and even Ulta. Now I don’t know about you ladies but I signed up for the glam bags at So each month Ipsy sends me a makeup bag along with 5 items for only $10.00. It’s a nice little deal, and I think it’s something worth investing in because they send all different brands to you.

Let me share some of the items I have in this sporty bag. By the way this makeup bag, was sent in January and the colors are bold with bright neons and the material is mesh. By far this is my favorite glam bag from Ipsy, because it reminds me of myself. Plus it doesn’t get dirty easily. So let’s look in the bag:

1. Tarte Deluxe Amazonian Clay 12 hour Blush “Feisty” —

2. Younique “Moodstruck Epic” Mascara —

3. Ulta Powder Brush —

4. Tarte Double Duty Beauty Eye shadow Palette “Don’t Quit Your Day Dream” —

5. Luxie Beauty Precision Shader Onyx Brush 239 —

6. Nyx Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie “Beauty Mark” —

7.  Smashbox Cosmetics Always on Gel Liner “Fishnet” —

I love each item that is in this bag. And of course you can click on each link yourself to purchase if you think you might like them. This is the first time I’ve mentioned makeup on my blog. So if you like this post or think you might enjoy any of these items. Comment below. I love feedback.

I think next time I’ll show you I apply them. It won’t really be a makeup tutorial. I just want to show to you what I use and what I like. I’m so excited for what’s in store. Just you wait!! So until next time ladies…

Reused Glam

Reused Glam

February 4, 2018


Are you guilty of wearing clothes only once?! There was a time when I thought the idea of wearing clothes more than once was so corny. I did not want to be caught wearing the same outfit, especially when I have pictures in that outfit or went to an event in that outfit. But now that I’m a mom I have to think about saving money. I am re-thinking the whole “repurpose” idea with my clothes. There are so many pieces in my wardrobe, that I’ve only worn once. It’s like the items I tend to buy are so unique or exclusive, once I wear it once someone is bound to know if I wore it again.

But guess what ladies?! That was the old me. I am embracing my confidence now, and throwing all the thoughts of what someone else thinks about me or my clothing out the window. My friends recently invited me to this new lounge called the Medusa for a birthday party. Medusa is an up and coming restaurant & lounge where all the celebrities come and kick and it. So you know my outfit had to be a show stopping one.


With this weather, I was undecided on what to wear. It’s still like 20-30 degrees outside. I mean really who wants to get all cute with a dress or some shorts when there’s still snow outside? Not I. I hate being cold, even though we wouldn’t be outside for too long. I still needed to find something that I could be comfortable in, warm (for the most part), and of course make a statement in. If you know me by now, I tend to wear things most people won’t be wearing or something that will have all eyes on me. You know something unique. So I bought these pleated pants last spring. These ivory pants are Ralph Lauren, but I got them from TJ Maxx for a steal. I even featured them on one of my very first blog posts. Talk about bold huh? But I felt like it’s about time to repurpose/restyle these pants. And what better way to do it, then a night on the town.


I paired these pants with a wine colored lace crop top. I wanted to balance the entire look by showing off just enough skin with these paints. So the lace top was a perfect addition. I was able to keep the look classy, but chic. I added this floral and gold necklace I got from Forever 21. This exclusive clear cross-body clutch added enough style to this look. I didn’t put too many items in this clutch because it is transparent, so a simple lip gloss and my ID wrapped up in some one dollar bills was enough. I actually searched for this clutch and found it on amazon.


I’m glad I decided to wear these pants. It’s nice to know reusing or re-wearing an item can turn out better the second time around. This final look turned out great! And ladies, next time you think about wearing something you’ve already wore, mix it up and style it a little different than before. And voila!! You have a new outfit. With the confidence I have now, I am too glam to give a damn, what people think. Yes I’ve worn these pants before and maybe I’ll wear them again!

Rose Gold Fears

Rose Gold Fears

December 20, 2017rosegoldpic

Hey ladies! I’m back and better than ever!!! This year I have been dealing with so many obstacles in life with losing my job to starting this fashion blog, and then finally getting out of a toxic and abusive relationship. But in the end I feel great! I know some of you are thinking how can that be? Honestly, you never really know what people are really dealing with in their lives. And it has taken me a long time to admit I wasn’t fully where I wanted to be in life.

Of course I would love to have been married, have my home paid off, and on my way to law school right about now. Granted things didn’t work out that way. Looking back at the last five plus years of my life, there was a time I almost felt defeated. Then I started this blog and it helps me to maintain confidence with my everyday duties and obstacles I come across. I have to thank so many of you for taking the time to view my blog and provide tips and feedback that really allowed me to take some time to rethink the content I was putting out into the world.


I feel like I want to be an open book to tell all, and advise along the way to never lose who you are!!! Now of course, I’ve found myself, I mean the “Munee” that I lost somewhere years ago. Like I said I’m back and as we’re coming close to the end of 2017 I want to share the steps I began to take redefine my confidence and maintain it.rosegold1010pic


Now of course I use fashion. So today’s tip will begin with Acknowledging your fears. One of my bigger fears was to show off my body type. I’m currently working on my body and would like to add some weight to make me feel more comfortable with it. So I wore this rose gold sequined jumpsuit from Forever 21. It has a deep v-cut right down the middle and the full back out. I added an ivory cape, also from Forever21 and a jeweled necklace. This cape gave it a  formal look, cause I was actually headed to one of my good friends’ 30th birthday party. This outfit is great for parties, and at first I was skeptical about it because this was a forma event. But I put my fear aside and went to the party anyway. And I had a really nice time.


So just remember, Acknowledge those fears and then attempt to conquer them or take baby steps to overcoming that fear. Just know you’re almost there and on a wonderful path to becoming more and more confident!