Neon Glow

Neon Glow

May 1,2019

Hey ladies!! I’m so excited to be featuring my girl Angel’s new boutique… “Plastics Boutique”. It’s a new boutique with the latest looks for an affordable price. This boutique is sure to boost your confidence!!!

I think fashion brings women power, not only within themselves but in their workplace. When I think of fashion I think of making a difference for myself. I want my fashionable trends to have an impact not only for women but for the world as well.

This “Python Bodysuit” fits perfect. It’s stretchy material is great for all body types. You can wear this bodysuit with jeans or even shorts Of course you can find it on . I paired it with this “Boot Camp Skirt” from Fashion Nova. You know I love some Fashion Nova.

I paired these black pan leather boots and small purse to accessorize the outfit and bring it all together. This outfit is sure to boost your confidence whether you’re going out to a club or just want to dress and go to an event.

Let me know your thoughts when you’re putting your outfits and looks together. How do you decide what boosts your confidence??


Reflecting on myself

Reflecting on myself

June 20 ,2018


It’s been one year since I’ve been in a physical altercation with my sons’ father. At one point I didn’t think it was an issue to put hands on each other. But I as I reflect on the toxic relationship, I didn’t have a clear understanding of “love”. Throughout this journey with Making Munee, I’ve learned to not only love myself but maintain that confidence in my life. Confidence was one thing I was lacking.

There was a time in life, where I wasn’t satisfied with how I was living. I was overworking myself, trying to finish college, taking care of y two sons all while being in a toxic relationship. And around this time last year, I felt that I had been through enough. I just began my blog, but I wasn’t fully committed to staying confident. I had let myself fall back into some old habits. I do want to say I am doing better than ever. The feeling I have when I look back on my life, is a feeling of relief.


There are so many burdens that have been lifted, I feel like there is no turning back. With each blog post my confidence boosts to a ten!! I try to create a look that not only compliments my self, but also helps with boosting my confidence. Whether it be a dress, legging, or even the hottest shoes. Every article of clothing I put together creates an outfit that displays the confidence I have. I got this “Fawn White Feather Skirt Bodycon Dress” from Pretty Little Thing.


Loving myself more and more!!!

Think Pink

Think Pink

Im backkk!! It’s been a while since I’ve really had the time to come and discuss what I’m wearing and how I’m feeling. Im focusing on positivity and remaining stress free in life.

There are so many things I have to deal with in a week, whether it’s work (12 hour shifts), being a mom, focusing on goals, and building my brand, that I’ve learned I need to balance it all without stressing myself out in the process. Most often I’m always panicking about where my life needs to be. I’m continually working on being positive and I strongly believe in giving myself a break.

So here I am embracing the sun and welcoming the spring weather with this “Hot Pink” jumpsuit from Fashion Nova. I’m trying think positive with learning my own personal style more and more. I usually prefer a one piece, it’s more convenient when you’re getting dressed. I added these high top tennis shoes from Ego Shoes and this stylish clear backpack from Walmart. Check that out, Walmart I was amazed with the style. This translucent effect allows you to show off whatever you add in your backpack. This look can easily be worn to a basketball game or a fashion show. Any event where you would enjoy flaunting those curves in this one piece jumpsuit.

Today marks two years since I began this journey with confidence and starting this fashion blog! At this point I’m going to continue to embrace this confidence and continuing to stay positive. I’m going to continue to show off this confidence with what I’m wearing…

Think pink and think positive!!

Dazzle Me

Dazzle Me

June 14, 2018

Hey ladies. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Spring weather. I am so loving this warm weather. Perfect for sheer body suits and leggings. As my wardrobe continues to grow, I find myself shopping more at Fashion Nova. They’re clothes fit me and not only that, they always have great deals. Which is one reason why I continue shopping there.

This outfit consists of a few pieces from Fashion Nova:

  • “Give you what you need denim jacket”
  • “Don’t faux with me active leggings”
  • “Minimalistic Bodysuit”

I always find myself buying a lot of black. So had to add this denim jack to the look to keep it from looking so dull. This distressed half jacket is perfect for this outfit. It shows off enough of the bodysuit. I love body suits and leggings together. They’re a comfortable combination if you want to party, or even if you just wanna hand out with your girls at the mall.


The statement piece of the outfit are the shoes:

“Bijou Diamante Embellished Ankle Boots” in Black Faux Suede

These ankle boots are dazzling to say the least. The detail of it makes me feel pretty. And once you walk in the room with these boots you will guarantee all eyes gravitate downwards. I grabbed these from an onlie boutique Public Desire. I’m just getting hip to this boutique. They have a ton of variety of shoes. Anything you want, I’m pretty sure they have. They also run great deals. Be sure to check them out for the latest sandals, booties, and pumps for the summer!!

Mention my name ‘Muneerah Saleem’ and you can receive 30% off. You can’t beat that. Great shoes and a great deal!! Make sure to grab something that sets you from the rest. Something that is dazzling and fun!


Take me to Wakanda

Take me to Wakanda

February 22, 2018

This is the first time I’ve created a specific look just for a movie. I had to tell myself step outside your comfort zone, and be bold. It’s always good to remind myself, ” I live for ME!” So honestly no one else really matters. Well no one’s opinions, especially when it comes to what I’m wearing. If you refer to my prev post “Birthday Blues” I mention embracing your style. I wanted to embrace not only my style but the culture that arose from this movie.

The movie “Black Panther” sets in the nation of Wakanda. If you didn’t know anything about Black Panther, let me tell you he’s a Marvel superhero. Now Wakanda is a fictional East African country which was created by Marvel. There are stories like these that lead you to believe some of the facts about Wakanda maybe true. There’s some truth to most fictional stories, you just have to find it.


For this look I decided to wear a DIY Afrocentric tube top. The weather was actually nice for this attire. I paired it with some high waist jeans from Fashion Nova. Y’all know that’s my spot! The orange velvet kimono is one of my favorites. I got it from a Forever 21, another one of my favs. I figured a bright color and this royal material will portray as if I’m really from Wakanda. I actually wrapped my hair with a head scarf. There are so many ways you can wear scarves. I thought wearing it this way would display more of an afrocentric look.


It’s not only the movie that has motivated this look, but just being an African American woman says it all. This look has definitely inspired me to embrace my culture and remain confident while doing it. As you all know I’m big on confidence. So I feel like I pulled it off well. Despite my outfit the movie was great. There’s always something you take from movies, whether it be the meaning behind it, the message or the fashion!! This was a great movie, and I’m hoping you find out for yourself and go see it. I’m ready to go to Wakanda!

Reused Glam

Reused Glam

February 4, 2018


Are you guilty of wearing clothes only once?! There was a time when I thought the idea of wearing clothes more than once was so corny. I did not want to be caught wearing the same outfit, especially when I have pictures in that outfit or went to an event in that outfit. But now that I’m a mom I have to think about saving money. I am re-thinking the whole “repurpose” idea with my clothes. There are so many pieces in my wardrobe, that I’ve only worn once. It’s like the items I tend to buy are so unique or exclusive, once I wear it once someone is bound to know if I wore it again.

But guess what ladies?! That was the old me. I am embracing my confidence now, and throwing all the thoughts of what someone else thinks about me or my clothing out the window. My friends recently invited me to this new lounge called the Medusa for a birthday party. Medusa is an up and coming restaurant & lounge where all the celebrities come and kick and it. So you know my outfit had to be a show stopping one.


With this weather, I was undecided on what to wear. It’s still like 20-30 degrees outside. I mean really who wants to get all cute with a dress or some shorts when there’s still snow outside? Not I. I hate being cold, even though we wouldn’t be outside for too long. I still needed to find something that I could be comfortable in, warm (for the most part), and of course make a statement in. If you know me by now, I tend to wear things most people won’t be wearing or something that will have all eyes on me. You know something unique. So I bought these pleated pants last spring. These ivory pants are Ralph Lauren, but I got them from TJ Maxx for a steal. I even featured them on one of my very first blog posts. Talk about bold huh? But I felt like it’s about time to repurpose/restyle these pants. And what better way to do it, then a night on the town.


I paired these pants with a wine colored lace crop top. I wanted to balance the entire look by showing off just enough skin with these paints. So the lace top was a perfect addition. I was able to keep the look classy, but chic. I added this floral and gold necklace I got from Forever 21. This exclusive clear cross-body clutch added enough style to this look. I didn’t put too many items in this clutch because it is transparent, so a simple lip gloss and my ID wrapped up in some one dollar bills was enough. I actually searched for this clutch and found it on amazon.


I’m glad I decided to wear these pants. It’s nice to know reusing or re-wearing an item can turn out better the second time around. This final look turned out great! And ladies, next time you think about wearing something you’ve already wore, mix it up and style it a little different than before. And voila!! You have a new outfit. With the confidence I have now, I am too glam to give a damn, what people think. Yes I’ve worn these pants before and maybe I’ll wear them again!

Olive and Florals

Olive and Florals

January 5, 2018

With the new year being here, I know you’re all working on those new year’s resolutions. I am too! I am actually excited to see what 2018 has to bring. But you know I am continuing to work on my confidence. Let me just tell you… stop trying to feel confident.

Anyone can say they’re confident. But you have to be capable of thinking confidently. I can say it a million times to myself, but ultimately if I’m not thinking confidently I’m not showing any confidence. For me clothing affects my confidence. I love how a killer dress and shoe can help me feel like I’m going to dazzle a scene. And it’s funny because one of my co-workers just used the word “dazzling” to describe me. Imagine that.


Did you know there is a direct correlation between what we wear and what we think of ourselves? Yes there is! And if it’s confidence you seek, then why not dress the part? Using your style is one of the best ways to boost your confidence. You may want to learn how to dress for you body. For me I’m tall and slim, so I might as well show off these long legs I have. With this style I’m wearing these over the knee boots. These olive boots have a ribbed material and stop a couple of inches above my knee. These boots will be sure to elongate your figure no matter what body type you have.

Know what style of denim looks good on you. These skinny jeans I got from Fashion Nova. They’re high waisted and are form fitting. Also know what fabric or material is most flattering for your style. I paired these jeans with a floral velvet crop top. Velvet, over the knee boots, and skinny jeans are perfect for this winter season. I’ve paired these boots with another outfit from “Overall Confidence”, but as I stated before they’re so comfortable. There is a block heel (which I’m sure you know I love), and the heel is not too high. I’ve added a floral necklace from Forever 21. I also have rose gold bracelets and also the Double twist bangle from House of B Jewels. You’re going to have to check her out. She has the hottest new jewelry and this piece was perfect to add to this look. I’m stepping out to a graduation party, so this look is great for this event.


A secret for confidence is to simply be true to yourself and appreciate your own unique style. You don’t have to mirror someone else’s style or whats trending. Just know what you like. Find your signature style, so that you feel confident showing the world who you are!