Birthday Blues

Birthday Blues

Here I am 29 years later in life. As I think of some of the things I have achieved as a young woman, …. I feel great. And I get excited for all the things yet to come. It’s funny people always tell me “you have the best birthday”. But I think they’re only looking at the party aspect of it. I always think dang my birthday is the last day of the year, literally. It takes so long for it to come. And when it does, it’s over just like that.

Well this year is a little different I’m getting older and learning to recognize more things I am thankful for in life. I am loving the ways in which I’m growing and I’m learning from my experiences. Now that the year is coming to an end, I have to reflect back on what I’ve learned this past year. #1 Rule to myself and I would also advise to you is “Be yourself… unapologetically”. Don’t apologize for being you. One of the biggest things I have overcame is learning to be myself, even when I know others don’t like it or approve of it. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. I have to live for myself (my sons as well but that’s a definite) and be happy with how am I as a person. It’s easy to say you can’t control what others think or say about you. But you can control how you feel about you! Strive to observe and witness others’ opinions, rather than being attached to them.


Find your personal style that feels great to you. If you like that banana colored ruffled blouse, but you don’t think anyone else will… wear it anyway. If you think that particular blouse looks great, but you can’t rock it how you want to because you’re afraid of what someone might say or think?! You need to think again. I want you to dress your best in the clothing that feels “you”. Just because someone does not agree with your style doesn’t mean you have to hide or suppress it. Embrace that style, uniqueness, or even if its simple and chic… Embrace it and be yourself.

So because it’s my birthday of course I am going to be a little extra or just have a little more bling. But there are only two main components with this look. My dress and boots. Now before today I hoped that it wouldn’t be so cold, where I’d freeze. But you know Cleveland… it’s cold and there’s practically a blizzard outside. Now this royal blue sequins dress is cold and I’m not talking about the weather. It’s long sleeve, yay and also has slight turtle neck feel, so there’s no cleavage or any skin showing. I actually bought this dress from a boutique in Cleveland called So Fierce.

This dress is great for a new years eve look. Like I stated before there are only two components. With this dress, you don’t need a lot of accessories, it will take away from the dress. With this statement dress and it being my birthday and all I topped this look off with my royal blue crushed velvet over the knee boots. These are my personal favs from my closet right now. The heel isn’t too high, but my main concern is how comfortable they are. To my surprise, they’re pretty comfortable. The only issue with me is I have to squeeze the string a little tighter to fit that part of my leg above the knee. But I absolutely love them. I got these from Forever21, and on sale! A major plus.

birthday 3birthdayThis look is great for dinners, a NYE event, and of course birthday parties. I’m going to continue being myself and staying true to that. I hope you will all do the same. Happy New Years!



Overall Confidence

Overall Confidence

December 23, 2017

So as the end of the year gets closer I just think about all I’ve overcome this past year. I think about what I have done to get to where I am now. Now, I want you to think for a min… What are some things that physically makes you feel confident? It can be something as simple as listening to one of your favorite songs, or dressing up for an occasion, anything… There are a few things that makes me feel confident; my make-up, when I accomplish short term goals, and of course my look/style for the day.


Ladies I’m here to say confidence is not just in the mind, there can be a physical feeling that you get. I want you to take note of what makes you feel confident and try to do more of it!! Something as simple as an outfit makes me feel confident with myself. I enjoy how the outfit makes me feel and it seems like I receive a compliment every time I step out.

I couldn’t wait to style these olive over the knee boots. These boots are fierce and I feel they compliment my frame and body type. As you can tell olive, is becoming one of my favorite colors. It’s also a color thats been trending this season. I paired these boots with some denim overalls. These overalls are actually vintage. I chose to not wear them the traditional way. I haven’t wore any in a while, but I think this look was paired together nicely.


A mid-length gold medallion drop necklace was added for an accessory with matching earrings. The colors olive and gold mesh together well, especially during the holiday season. I actually attended a comedy show, and  love how the scenery complimented my look this evening.

Next time you’re feeling down or out of place, think of those things that make you feel confident. Ladies, just remember when you feel confident, you are unstoppable…

Summer Blossom

Summer Blossom

July 20, 2017

Hey ladies!!!! There is so much I want to share with you on this blog post. But I want to start off by saying THANK YOU!!!. I have so much gratitude for the love and support I receive on my blog. Today’s blog post features my upcoming theme using prints with every outfit I share with you.

This floral print on this one piece is everything!  I purchased this romper to make a statement, and of course I got it from Fashion Nova. Who would have thought? I’m pretty sure you know by now, this is a go to website for me. I can always find that look to make jaws drop.

Summer BlossomSummer BlossomSummer Blossom

They call this romper,”White Summer Romper”. The bold colors on this romper combine so well with each other to create a great summer look. This outfit shows how you can show skin strategically. If you haven’t checked out Munee’s Style Tips page, head over there when you’re done with this and find out how to bare certain body parts, and cover some of them up. Of course looking sexy involves what to bear and what to keep under wraps. And from looking at this outfit you would think I’m bearing it all. I have my arms covered up to the elbows. And although I’m showing some cleavage you can only view my legs from the front of the outfit. The shorts show my long legs off, but the long skirt in the back hides the view of my legs.

Summer Blossom

I paired this romper with some navy blue “Rachel” heeled sandals. I grabbed these sandals from Shoe Dazzle. (It was last year, but they do have other colors available.) A perfect match made in heaven. Because my legs are out you can really appreciate the detail of the sandal.

Summer BlossomSummer BlossomSummer Blossom

For a simple accessory, I added a gold necklace with navy blue feathers added. You show know me by now, simple and chic will get the job done. And you know one thing I added with this look, CONFIDENCE!!! This should be your most important accessory. Make sure you add this to every style and outfit you wear.

I am wearing this romper to a graduation party. This romper, is festive enough for a party, and dressy enough for the occasion. I wanted to show off my long slim legs, and I think I pulled it off with this look. Make sure you check out Munee’s Style Tips for all trendy style tips that will have you looking fabulous this summer!

Take a Walk in the “Lime” light

Take a Walk in the “Lime” light

April 26, 2017

So today is a beautiful day to wear this one piece jumpsuit. It’s so easy to just throw this outfit on. It’s a chill day for me. Get a little shopping done and run a few errands. The sun is beating down, but hey I’m not complaining, I love the sun! The first part of my day is a walk in the park. A little exercise is wonderful to start your day off. Get some blood flowing and it helps you stay energized throughout the day.

Jumpsuit, Lime Green Vans, Black and Silver Spiked Choker



Now lately I haven’t been into sneakers as much as I used to be. I’m not that type of girl anymore. But today, I’ve decided to go with these Vans. And yes they’re LIME GREEN! Now most people would say they’re too bright, but if you don’t me know by now I’m different. I like to stand out, and I have my own personal style. It’s like… you like or you don’t. So today, lime green it is. These hightop Vans are perfect for this all black jumpsuit. This jumpsuit has a sporty look to it. It also shows off a little skin. There are two slits above the knee. Maybe they’re supposed to be right at the knee, but I like that they’re above my knee. Maybe, because my legs are little long, but if you have short legs, I’m pretty sure it will still look nice. This one piece jumpsuit, also has a hood. WOOT WOOT!!! (sorry I’m silly) But I like hoods, even though it is covering my hair, it adds depth to this look so you can rock the hood or not, thats up to you! This hood definitely gives the sporty look, I was going for. I paired a black and silver choker with it. I guess they’re bringing these back in style. Please let me know what you think about it though, because I’m always a little iffy when it comes to jewelry. I tied a denim top around my waist, just in case I don’t get cold on this little walk in the park.


And actually it adds a little statement, saying” I’m sporty, but cute at the same time…”. But again please let me know what you think. Would you wear this? Maybe to work out in? Maybe on a day to run errands? I like feedback so please let me know. Love it, or Hate it!! It’s Munee, and that’s all that really matters!