What Happens in Vegas?!

This was my first time in Vegas, and I couldn’t wait to explore the strip and the city. The first day was so hot!! I almost wanted to walk around naked. Well of course I couldn’t do that, lol. As soon as we got settled in the hotel. I changed into this “Nova Seasons Romper:” This one shorts romper was perfect to slip on. It was convenient to wear in the 105 degree weather. We explored the strip the first day.

I paired this romper with “Quite the Reflection Flat Sandals”. I would usually have chosen some tennis shoes, because of all the walking. But I decided to wear these rainbow colored sandals. There is a strap that wraps around the back of your ankle for support. Surprisingly by the end of the night, my feet were fine. We stopped at Caesar’s palace, Bally’s and some other hotels and casinos. With all the walking, I conveniently wore my gold fanny pack, which helped me out a lot with the heat. It was quick and easy just to unzip the pocket and reach right in to grab something. I ended up on this chair at Margaritaville, a little tipsy of course.

Standing on the landing by Planet Hollywood

Mesh N Miami


Back to Florida I go. I planned this trip with a few of my co-workers for Memorial Day! And when I tell you I had so much fun, I really did! Miami has a great atmosphere to be apart of during the holiday. Everyone from all over the country and celebrities all were in Miami this weekend. So of course you know I had to bring it for my outfits. With summer around the corner, I thought it would be great to bring out the mesh.

The first outfit was for the flight. Airports are usually a little cool, so I was prepared. I rocked this two piece champion jogger fit. Which I might add was comfortable for the flight. I haven’t bought tennis shoes in a while, so I grabbed these all white FILAs. They brought the fit together nicely. I used this little black leather backpack. The perfect accessory for this sporty urban look.


When we arrived at the hotel, I quickly changed into my second look. Now that we are in Miami, I can bring out the mesh. This “Showing progress mesh hoodie” is from Fashion Nova. This was a great hoodie to wear in Miami. I showed off my lime green bikini. I was ready for the Miami weather.

We went out to the G5.

Munee Takes Orlando


I’ve been to Orlando a few times as a child already, so I’m pretty much familiar with the area. But this little mini getaway was a treat to myself. Another birthday gift from none other than myself. I honestly had no idea what I was going to be doing once I got down here. I planned on a nice relaxing few days away from the cold Cleveland weather. And to my surprise, Orlando’s January weather was a bit chilly. When I arrived the weather was somewhere in the mid 50s. (ssshhh) But I couldn’t really complain. I stayed in the Crown Plaza near International Blvd. A real tourist attraction.

For majority of the mini vacay, I rode around and stopped at places randomly. The first major stop was Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum. I don’t know about you, but I’m weird so this was something perfect to do in my spare time. The view of the building from outside, shows it being tilted somewhat which I thought was very cool! The strange attractions inside is what excited me the most. I wish I could’ve taken more pictures inside but of course my phone died right as I entered. Bummer! I insist on checking it out for yourself, if you’re into shrunken heads, authentic vampire kilts, and just unusually odd things in general.

Once my I got my phone charged, I headed over to the Titanic exhibit. And if you don’t already know, I’m a Titanic fan as well! I was super excited to go in, but as soon as I got to the exhibit I was informed no video, or photography allowed. So I was only able to take a pic in the lobby. Incredible experience, because this is one of my all time fav movies!!

There’s a first for everything. Hooters!!! I think all men enjoy this restaurant. I actually enjoyed the food. I mean c’mon that was one of main reasons to go,to eat… I even got a chance to take a photo with Hooters’ girls.


All in all this was a pretty relaxing trip. A nice get away to ease my mind and prepare myself for the year ahead of me. So many more places to go and see. Just you wait!